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Roslyn, Long Island's Secret Jewel

May 23

There is a lot of history in Roslyn, and this book is a great place to start for a day trip to this ancient Long Island community. It's one of my favorite Long Island destinations for a day trip to learn about the area's history and enjoy a stroll.

Pre-Civil War residences in Roslyn give a fascinating glimpse into pre-war Long Island. One square mile of old Roslyn contains more than 80 historic buildings.

Hempstead Harbor was settled by people from Connecticut in 1644, and Roslyn was built as a result. The Van-Nostrand Starkins home, built in 1680, may still be seen today. It is presently housed in a museum at 221 Main Street outside of town. There is also a 1738-built grist mill that serves as another historic marker.

Roslyn's Top Attractions

Most of the shops and ancient historic residences (many of which are still occupied) in Roslyn Pond Park, Clock Tower, and Main Street date from the 19th century. Roslyn's 44-foot clock tower dominates the city. The sandstone structure, constructed in the late 1800s, is sure to leave an impact. A number of indie films are shown at the nearby Main Street Theatre.

You'll get a glimpse of Long Island's pre-Miracle Mile, pre-Rochester Mall, pre-Long Island Expressway days on the stroll from the Pond through the entire town. In April, many of Roslyn's historic homes are accessible to the public for tours, making it a perfect time to visit. Despite their familiarity with New York City and Long Island, members of our family are often taken aback by the beauty and serenity of Roslyn.


Willian Cullen Bryant, a distinguished poet, newspaper editor, and civic leader of the 19th century, lived in "Cedarmere" in Old Roslyn. Although it was enlarged in the 1850s, this mansion was built in 1787.

Its repurposed estate, which has views of Hempstead Harbor, walks, gardens, and a mill, will serve as a lasting testament to his life's work. The exquisite 18th-century Gothic Revival mill is a particular attraction. You may take a stroll through the site, which is currently held by the Nassau County Department of Recreation, and feel like you've stepped back in time. (Cedarmere is well marked on Old Northern Boulevard.)

Roslyn is commonly paired with a visit to the Nassau Museum of Art, a lovely old home nestled in a sprawling estate surrounded by lush gardens. In addition to world-class art exhibitions, visitors may enjoy the gardens on a lovely day. The William Cullen Nature Preserve is a lovely place to stroll.

It's all about food and fun!

The MP Taverna and Besito Mexican Restaurant in Roslyn are just two examples of the high-quality dining options in this charming neighborhood. Both establishments are well-known Long Island dining destinations. Request a table on the balcony at Greek eatery MP Taverna if you'd like a view of the town. Besito is another excellent option, although reservations are recommended. The salads, avocados, and other Mexican specialties at this reasonably priced Mexican restaurant are among the best in town. YOLO Yogurt and Sweets is our go-to place for fro-yo desserts.

Among the newest additions to town is My Father's Place, a club/restaurant that, in its previous incarnation, played host to a wide range of local and national bands. Legendary artists including Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Tom Petty have all played here. Don't feel obligated to return to New York City if there's a terrific show starting at 8 p.m. You never know who could show up now that it's newly reopened.

It takes only eight minutes to get to the beach if you want to be closer to nature. Hempstead Harbor may be seen well from the beach, which is known as North Hempstead Beach Park.

Roslyn, New York

As a welcome diversion from the monotony of Long Island traffic, Roslyn is only 30 minutes from Manhattan's financial district. Taking the Long Island Rail Road or a bus from Queens will get you to Roslyn without the need for a car. (Roslyn is a fifteen-minute walk from the LIRR train station.)

As a side trip or addition to your visit to the stunning Gold Coast mansions on Long Island, you might stop by the adjacent historic town of Roslyn.

Consider the Roslyn Hotel, a boutique hotel just a few feet from Roslyn's greatest restaurants if you'd want to spend the night in Roslyn.