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Reliable Truck Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Aug 5

Hiring a lawyer from Lloyd Baker, Injury Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ, after a truck accident is the safest bet. Our truck accident lawyer in Phoenix will help you avoid the common mistakes that could make your case more challenging for you to win. Some of the mistakes we can help you avoid include the following.

Losing Your Cool at the Scene

After a truck accident, you might say many things out of frustration or fear. Whether admitting liability or saying you were not at fault, it’s vital to avoid saying anything relating to liability. Instead, you should contact our truck accident lawyer Phoenix within the shortest time possible. Our lawyer will handle all the communications and advice you on the best course of action. This is especially when giving facts to the insurance company.

Settling Faster for Too Little

You might want to move on with your life faster, but accepting the first settlement offer might negatively impact you in the future. You limit your recovery because all your losses might not be known. However, our truck accident attorney in Phoenix will help you take all the necessary measures to ensure you’re compensated for the current and future expenses.

Providing Inaccurate Information on the Claim Form

Your insurance claim form needs to be complete and accurate. If there are mistakes or inaccurate information, they could lead to a delay in processing your claim. Your claim might also be denied altogether. Our truck accident attorney in Phoenix will help you provide as many details as possible. They also ensure that your details match those on the police report to avoid inconveniences.

Not Filing Your Claim in Time

Besides inaccurate information, filing after the deadline is one of the worst mistakes. Each insurance claim has a deadline for filing a claim, and failing to meet the deadlines will forfeit your rights to some benefits. Our truck accident attorneys Phoenix have worked with hundreds of insurance companies and understand how they work. We can clarify the requirements and ensure you have all the documents submitted on time. That’s why we encourage you to contact us right after the accident, so we can obtain the necessary evidence and present it within the scheduled time. 

Please get in touch with our truck accident attorney in Phoenix soon after the accident. We work on a contingency basis and give you a free consultation to determine the best course of action. We’ll help you stay calm throughout the process and do everything possible to increase the chances of winning your claim.

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