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Bathroom Remodeler Plano's Bathroom Design Ideas

Sep 11

The latest home trends in Plano, TX have a huge impact on bathroom designs. To create a large, luxurious bath, you don't have to knock down walls. Using large-scale patterns will trick the eye into thinking the bathroom is larger than it is. Extending a mirror across the entire wall will let two people use the space without a barrier. Here are some other Bathroom Design Ideas in Plano, TX.

A simple and quick design app can give you an idea of what it will look like when you're finished. A computer program like RoomSketcher allows you to create 3D images of bathroom designs and add windows and doors. The program makes visualizing different materials, and design features easy without needing a designer.

You can widen the doorway to make it easier for people with mobility devices to enter and exit the bathroom. If you have a wide shower, it is easier to get in and out of it. You can change the door's swing to swing outward instead of inward. Inward-swinging doors are potentially dangerous and could result in a fall. If you have limited space, use a pocket door.

Another way to add style to your bathroom is by adding decorative accessories. A decorative vase or flowerpot with fresh flowers adds flair and style. You can also add a piece of artwork or a vintage console to give it a unique look. Changing the color scheme or accessories can create a dramatic effect, which is an easy way to give your bathroom a new look. It is never too late to incorporate style into your bathroom. So take some time to consider some of these Bathroom Design Ideas from our Bathroom Remodeler Plano!

Consider a walk-in shower if you have limited space. A shower and a bathtub combo can be convenient for a busy family. Remember that it is best to separate the sink and toilet from each other if you have multiple children. The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers planning guidelines to ensure that your bathroom design is safe and functional for everyone. Bathroom storage is in constant demand. Consider your storage needs and plan a bathroom or kitchen with ample space and style. Contact our Bathroom Design Ideas Plano or Home Remodeling Contractor Plano to get you started!

Recessed lighting is a smart way to add ambiance to a small bathroom. While you may not have much space, it's still an important factor for safe, comfortable bathroom use. A combination of task and ambient lighting in the shower will create a welcoming atmosphere. The lighting will help you with everyday tasks and identify potential safety hazards. And don't forget the vanity light! So, get creative! Choose the right lighting for your bathroom or Plano Kitchen Remodeling. Contact our Remodeling Company Plano today!

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